It all started with founder Tewodros Dechase’s travel to his motherland in 2015. Whilst visiting a barber shop, a man wearing the most incredible and comfortable leather boots crossed his path, and shortly after he would also change the direction of his journey.

He was then led to a small shoe factory where he was introduced to an exceptionally skilled team producing footwear that last beyond the season. To keep the artisan craft alive, Tewodros was inspired to marry this incredible level of shoemaking expertise with Ethiopia’s finest materials creating modern and comfortable design of his own liking. One year and many refined styles later, Dechase’s first shoe named Keff was born.

Today, Dechase offers a wide range of modern styles for men and women. We stand for unlimited opportunities where we flourish at the crossroads of passion,
inspiration and a more globally connected future to create high-quality products that impacts people. With Addis Ababa residing in our hearts, we thrive to become a sustainable brand that creates footwear with local craftsmen to enforce and positively influence economic, environmental and social development.

Always on the move, we exchange knowledge and raise awareness on issues we care about. Our shoes combine contemporary style and design with culture to make global impactful moves by connecting with like-minded brands and organisations.

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