Manhattan portage

Born out of the challenging and gritty landscape of the New York City streets more than three decades ago, we were original pioneers of the authentic messenger bag that captured the spirit of New York City. And like the city, we have endured, we have grown, we have expanded and we have survived because Manhattan Portage is New York Tough. We've maintained a unique urban aesthetic based on the street art, pop-art, and iconography of New York City life that we call "Downtown Smart."

With our iconic, red label of the Manhattan skyline emblazoned on every bag, backpack and briefcase, Manhattan Portage has become much more than a local legend. We've been able to avoid becoming another fleeting fad and withstand the test of time because our bags do, too; more than thirty years later, "New York Tough and Downtown Smart" certainly still ring true. From Montreal to Melbourne, Osaka to Osolo, and Stockholm to San Francisco, our Red Label, Black Label, and Token products are indeed everywhere and carried by everyone

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