Concept Store SUPPLIER was founded in 2017 by four young individuals in Kobe, Japan, and has emerged as an online platform where the latest street styles proposed by communities from around the globe can be discovered. As the official distributor in Japan and Asia for street brands that have sparked new trends in street scenes worldwide, such as UNKNOWN, A Few Good Kids (AFGK), SALUTE, Wasted Paris, Evae Mob, etc., SUPPLIER actively organizes events both online and offline to spread its community.

SUPPLIER is a new Japanese street brand that shares and creates the latest counter-culture worldwide, with NINKYO as its brand concept. NINKYO signifies a way of life originating from heroes in ancient China and the common people of the Edo period in Japan. It sees beauty in dedicating one’s time, effort, body, and life for a purpose or for others, and values loyalty and human emotions.


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